A True Friend – What does it look like??

Friends:  What makes a true friend?

Common history, values and/or interests bond people together as well having a sense of equality.  Harmonious personalities also help in uniting friends together.

True friends will stick up for you and put your interest before their own.  They will tell you when you’re full of shit and totally off in your thinking or actions.  A friend will tell you when you have something seriously wrong health-wise or with your habits.  They will make sure you reach your highest potential and not slack off or allow you to give excuses to settle with less.  A true friend will tell you their opinion and view points for your best interest no matter the potential outcome – even if it means that you might be miffed or desert them as a friend.

A friend will be with you through thick and thin.  They will listen to you attentively and caringly without judgment or criticism.  A true friend will set aside what they are doing and listen – truly listen.  They will hear what you say and what you don’t say.  They will accept your quirky self without the desire to change you.  A true friend will never expect you to comprise your values or think and believe exactly what they believe to be true.  In other words, you are entitled to your opinion unless significant harm is involved to another person or yourself – such as suicide, killing someone, alcoholism, or overdosing.  Religion and politics are non-factors in true friendship.

I have a wonderful friend who believes I am full of shit because I believe there is a God in some, way, shape, or form.  However, we are still the closest of friends because we accept each other for who we are, allow for each of us to have our own opinions, share our differing opinions, and respect each other as human beings.  We also stick up for each other.  She even lets me bitch and moan – like tonight – when she called to say hello just before going to work.  We are always there for each other as much as humanly possible even through crazy schedules in this world called life.  Thus, we bond as close friends.

Friends are to be valued, savored, upheld, and revered. Love and be loved.  Care and be cared for.  Let them care about you no matter what – and vice versa.  Live and let live.

May you go in peace, love, and harmony – and bond with – or discover – your true friend(s).


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