Passion: What is yours?

Each of us has a different passion that we deem as highly important, that drives us forward in attempting to make a difference in one form or another.

There is an individual who attends the Olympia Friends Meeting who cares deeply and is actively rescuing individuals of the LGBTQ community in Africa from being massacred by people funded by U.S. Evangelical Christians.  I am passionate about rescuing people from domestic violence and child abuse as well as advocating for those suffering from mental health issues and poverty.

I was sharing with an owner of a local General Store about my thoughts regarding domesic violence. She shared that it’s okay to leave if you don’t have kids or aren’t married.  Of course I advocated for anyone to leave no matter the situation – and especially those with kids since it totally messes the kids up.  It’s bad enough on the spouse or significant other.  The cycle continues as well as significant trauma ensues on the kids – for their lifespan.  The whole idea of letting kids suffer based on the decisions of the parents is a bunch of bullshit.  But, that’s my passion.  You might care less, be less interested, or dismiss the idea as non-important because it’s just not your passion.

I love the idea of recycling, but I frequently find myself making excuses to not recycle if it’s not convenient at the time.  Others are passionate about the idea and importance of saving the environment through recycling and will do everything in their power to make sure everything possible is recycled.  I love the idea of being a vegetarian.  However, I will do my best to make sure the meat I eat is cared for as dignified as possible, but I feel the need to eat meat.  I find myself to be “starving” otherwise.

We all have our passions.  What is yours??


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