Post-filled Excitement

It is so much fun to post what I’m thinking.  However, it might even be more fun to read the stats.  

Each day I look to see what the stats are sharing with me.  And so I question:  How many views and have there been total – per day, per week, since I’ve started?  How many visitors?  Which countries are represented in viewing my posts?  What kind of responses do I get from the posts – if any??  

However, I as I sit behind the laptop, typing what I’m thinking, then pushing the button “publish post,” I freak.  I wonder:  What will others think?  Did I write what I wrote well enough?  Do I need to change anything of what I shared?  Do I need to clarify or re-clarify something?  And so, there are usually multiple edits before I’m satisfied with the end product.  

I’m excited to share.  I’m excited to let my writing juices flow.  I’m excited to be able to communicate via the black-and-white, virtual world.  

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for visiting.  Thanks for sharing your responses.


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