Advertising Friends: Authors, Musicians, and Screenwriters

I have many friends who are authors, musicians, and/or write screenplays.  I share this because it’s absolutely wonderful to support their works of art.

Below are some of the works of my friends (I hope I didn’t leave anyone out).  Many have written additional books not listed here.  I’m sure other friends have written articles or other works who have not advertised their work, others that I’m unaware of, and those that I’ve missed.  I’d love to be reminded.  Here are some that I have on my shelf, given as gifts, and/or refer to online:

  • Howard Hall’s haikus (  “Natural Lines: Handwritten Verse” and “Cool Menthal Woman: haiku and other verse”
  • Eric William Middleton’s “Dimensions of the Spirit: Science and the Work of the Holy Spirit”
  • “Repairing Eden: Humility, Mysticism, and the Extential Problem of Religious Diversity” by Mark S. McLeod-Harrison
  • Howard Macy’s book “Laughing Pilgrims: Humor and the Spiritual Journey” (blog:
  • “Poetry of the Soul: Anniversary Edition” by G E Shaw (He also has a movie coming out!!!)
  • Philip Smith’s “The Heart of the Sea”
  • Kevin Vowles’ “21st Century Hippies: Activists in the Pursuit of Peace and Justice” and blog
  • Mike Moore’s blog
  • Elizabeth “Liz” Bush’s blog

I also have musicians as friends:

I admire them. Someday I hope to write other than through my blog, essay form for writing endeavors to be graded, or newsletters through associations I am affiliated with. I’d love to see my life on the big screen. It’d take at least two films to feature different parts of it. It’d be fun to sing and play music again for the public. Until then, I’ll enjoy reading, watching, and listening to friends’ works of art and supporting their endeavors.

I hope you investigate and choose some – if not all – to read, listen, and review!!


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