Stats: Thanks for the fun!

It’s so much fun to look at stats.

Each day – sometimes more than once a day – I look at the stats and ask myself:  How many have viewed my site so far today?  Yesterday?  This week?  For all time??

I haven’t been blogging on a site where everyone can see for very long.  I have a long way to go with regards to my writing style, how to promote myself, how to label my post in a way that seems attractive…  I look at other blogs and am amazed.  How in the world can they write so well?  Absolutely amazing.  But, I continue to stumble along.

I write mainly to process what is going on in my head.  My initial intent was to write as an educational forum that would inform people on topics that were important to me – my passions, my interests, a way for me to make a difference in the world through writing and sharing to the world.

However, the blog has become an outlet for me to process what I am thinking at the moment, what I’ve processed most recently – or am processing, what I want to share with whomever is listening – or wants to listen.  As a result, it’s become more of a cathartic release of mental and emotional ponderings.

I hope you enjoy walking alongside me as I process.  I hope you enjoy my life story.  I hope you can learn as I learn – and as I have learned.

Life is a journey.  I have a love-hate relationship with my journey.  However, I’ve found it to be extremely valuable.  When I hit the low spots, I think of the proverb: “Every cloud has a silver lining” and my personal quote: “The sun is always shining, even behind the clouds.”  We have to look for the good things in life – no matter the situation.  Louise Hays and Rhonda Byrne suggest gratitude is the ticket.

And so, I look at my stats and wonder:  “How many have looked at my site so far?  What are the most popular posts?  I wonder why?  I wonder if they enjoyed what I’ve shared?  I really put myself out there. I wonder what they think?”

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog.  Thank you for taking a chance to gain a glimpse of what I’m thinking, pondering, reflecting, wondering, and experiencing…

And so… back to my stats.


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