Hot Topics: Let’s Save Lives!!

I was looking for inspiration and it happened.  I looked up “hot topics today” and Medscape lists some of today’s hot topics.  I found myself highly intrigued by the list and, after a bit, decided to look at the details.  I learned that it’s in the field of ethics.  I love ethics.  I also had knee-jerk opinions that immediately flared.

The first title that sparked intrigue is: “Sports Teams Should Be Forbidden To Hire Their Own Doctor.”  Why the hell not??  Everyone has the right to their own doctor – especially when millions of dollars are on the line and there is no guarantee of how long they will be able to play.

Then I look at the small print.  It’s not the players who are choosing, it’s the team.  Now that I do agree with:  Teams are going for their interest, they are paying for the doctor – thus have the final say, Americans look at immediacy instead of long-term benefits… thus, I agree with the article’s explanation in fine print below the headline: “When team doctors are beholden to the team in order to keep their jobs, they may feel pressure to get athletes back and playing, when instead they should be taken out of the game or even the season.”

The next intriguing article is “Recycle Medical Equipment From the Dead?”  Ewww.  I just had to read the article.  Doctors are recycling pacemakers illegally in the effort to save lives.  Well, that’s what they say.  If that’s the case, then wonderful.  I’m all for it.  However, what about sterilization?  There are no safe protocols currently in place.  However, there are no guarantees in life – not even with blood and bone marrow donations.  I say if there is a choice, then go for it.  I don’t want one though.  I’m too American.  I like new stuff with as close to a guarantee that there aren’t any “bad” germs or gunk as possible.

Another article is “Why So Much Fake, Unduplicated Stem Cell Research?”  My immediate reaction: because there’s money involved.  I worked as a temp in a company who had their research lab in the middle of nowhere.  There was so much crazy stuff going on – stolen info and intentionally sloppy work – all because money and recognition were involved.  I must admit that I didn’t read the article, but that’s my knee-jerk reaction.

“Everyone Should Be Presumed to Be a Willing Organ Donor.”  I say – hell ya!  People’s lives are at stake.  People get a second chance at life – many people.  People’s lives are saved from illegal organ harvesters who kill to make money in the effort for others to save lives.  For every one death there are a minimum of 3 others who have a chance to live.  If everyone donates, then there is a higher likelihood that money – and lives – are put in the right place with the right people.

Let’s save lives, people!!

As the article states:  “If we look at the kidney transplant waiting list today, we would find maybe 100,000 people listed who are waiting for transplants. Each year we do about 10,000 transplants of kidneys. That means 90,000 people who could benefit do not, and every day many people die because there is no kidney to give them.”

That means with the generosity of 50,000 people, a minimum of 100,000 lives are saved through kidney donations.  This does not even count the number of heart transplants!!  This means that over 100,000 families – and friends – and society – get the gift of having their loved one around.  If 100 people in my city live because of 50 generous people or 1 person donates their organs so that 2 of my friends live, what a wonderful world.  It also means a part of the loved one who passed on lives on and stays around to bless others.  Not all transplanted organs work for all recipients, but at least it gives people a chance – and with everyone donating, the chance of saving lives – a ton of lives – are so incredibly high.

Heck ya!!  Let’s keep people’s livelihoods alive and well.  Let’s give people the gift of life.  Let’s recycle safely.  Let’s donate – as many of us – and as much of us – as possible!

Love, live, and let live!!


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