It’s All a Matter of Perspective

Everything is a matter of perspective.

It’s tough to consider this idea when life is shitty.  Or when you’re feeling anxious or depressed about life circumstances.  Or when you perceive a bad day.  However, all these things are a matter of perspective.

When I was in Misawa, and now in the Pacific Northwest, many people comment on how dreary and awful the weather is.  Many people feel depressed with all the rain and clouds.  They say “it’s always raining!”  However, while in the PNW, all I see is sunshine and a variety of fun clouds to look at.  In Misawa, the clouds were so high that I rarely noticed.  Every time it rains – either here or there – I am intrigued by how the drops feel, how heavy the rain drops feel, what they look like, how they fall, and how far apart they are from each other.  It’s all very fascinating.  On a very gloomy day, where all is grey, I think “oh, that is interesting.”  “I wonder how long it is going to last?” “I hope it’s sunny tomorrow — or even later today would be wonderful, too!”  I have fun observing the weather.

However, there are things that I just have the hardest time feeling good about.  I want so badly to be in denial, to see the good, to see the positive, to not feel anxious, or depressed, or experience a “bad day.”  I try my hardest to look for the positive.  But, way down deep inside, I still can’t shake those awful feelings no matter how I try.  It’s so damn frustrating.

And so, I look at the sky and, if it’s cloudy, I realize ‘the sun is shining even behind the clouds.’

It’s all a matter of perspective.


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