Shit Turned Into Gold

The most important thing about being a survivor in this experience called life is that we realize three things:  What we’ve experienced is shitty.  What we have experienced that was shitty could be even more hellish than our perception of what was experienced.  Shit can be turned into gold. or diamonds. or diamonds and gold.

We are entitled to every feeling, sensation, and thought related to whatever was experienced that was – or is – shitty or heavenly.

After the feelings are acknowledged, and you have validated yourself by having those feelings, love yourself.  Look for every positive thing you can think of as far as lessons learned, your responses to the events, and your perceptions of the events.  Embrace them.  Embrace you.  Love you.

My life feels shitty at times.  But, it is much less shitty than other people’s shitty lives.  My life is much less shitty now than it ever has in my entire life.  People think my life has been shitty because their life is less shitty than mine.  For that, I am grateful.  I am so very glad when other people’s lives have as little shit on them as possible.

I would much rather you learn from my shitty experiences than for you to ever experience my shitty experiences.  If you’d like, I will do my best to protect you and shield you from experiencing shitty things.  But, I will also leave it up for you to choose.  Sometimes things are best learned through experience.

Without a shitty life, we have no compassion, no understanding, no way to relate, no way to engage, no way to reach out to others in kindness.  We just don’t “get it.”

However, if we internalize a “shitty life,” or don’t learn from it, we don’t grow.  If we abuse others because of it, then we just might experience a shitty life in return until we learn kindness and compassion.

So, find the goodness in your shitty hell-holes in life.  Acknowledge them, face them, overcome them, and embrace yourself because of them.  You are a survivor.  An overcomer.  An achiever.  As long as you do it yourself – or at least attempt to learn to do so – you deserve to love and be loved.

May you turn the shit into gold – or diamonds – or diamonds and gold – and wear it with grace, dignity, beauty, and pride.  You are an achiever.  You persevere, you overcome.

May you go in grace, love, goodness, and light with all the shit behind you forever – now and in eternity.


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