I Care: Too Much

I care.  I care too much.  Is it even possible to care too much?

I care if you get in a wreck.  I care if you are “in the dumps.”  I care if you’re in a domestic violence situation or if you’re in a fantastically fabulous relationhsip.  I care if your baby is healthy or dehydrated.  I care if you’re poor.  I care if you’re wealthy.  I care if you like your job or if you hate it.  In other words, I care.

It seems like this is a novelty.  People don’t necessarily like it.  It makes them feel uncomfortable.  Either the person involved or bystanders.  But, I can’t help it.

I wonder why.  Why do I care?  I care because I don’t want anyone to hurt.  I don’t want anyone to experience the hellish nightmares I have experienced.  I don’t want anyone to suffer unnecessarily.  I also have my mom’s blood in me.  She emulated caring and I inherited it.

Is it wrong to care?  It is draining, that is for sure.  And confusing.  Should I care?  If so, why?

But, I’m stubborn.  I care and will care.  I want to care.  I want to make a difference.  I want the best for you.  I don’t want to see you hurt now or in the future.

And so, I’m learning how to distance myself, let you figure it out, and let goodness take control in its own time.  If you want to know, I’ll be glad to share what I have learned thus far.

I care.  Maybe too much.  But… I will always care.


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