News: Do I really want to know?

It’s difficult for me to listen or read the news.

People slaughtering each other, people killing each other for no real reason, people getting imprisoned or have been imprisoned – or euthanized – for no good reason, people starving where no one is doing anything, wars happening for no real reason other than for monetary or political gain… the list goes on.

I’d much rather hear the news of my friends: good or bad.  I can do something about that.  I can listen, I can provide support in whatever way I can.  I can provide empathy, sympathy, and understanding.  I can feel the warm and fuzzy feelings of actually caring about a single individual.

Facebook feeds are great.  Through FB, people are reaching out to each other in one form or another.  You can watch, listen, and read about an autistic man singing the national anthem for a ball game, a family honoring their son and brother’s wish by giving a significant amount of money to random waitresses, fun science facts through “I fucking love science,” clips that make me smile and laugh from clips of Ellen Degeneres’ show, news of FB friends of fun things they have done or things their kids are up to…  It’s even good to know when your friends have passed on as FB is often the only way you’d know due to our global society.

News helps us stay connected with each other.  It’s a way to get us to care about issues.  However, with the news today, it’s rife with political agendas.  Who knows what the “real story” truly is?  Who knows what is true and what is made up?  Does anyone really know?  FOX News is full of hate, vengeance, and yelling.  CBC is also full of yelling.  I hate yelling and have no desire to listen to hatred and strife.  If you know how to navigate the blogging world, perhaps you might be able to find out what the “real news” is all about, I don’t know.

And so, I quickly push the “next” button on the radio, flip to the “next” screen on the web news article I see, and only listen to the news when I’m somewhere where I have no control of the tv or news channel.  If I’m lucky I might be able to listen to NPR without getting too agitated.  Does it make me calloused?  No.  The opposite.  I become way too sensitive.  Thus I shut my eyes and ears.

I’ll listen to the friends my stories tell.  They’ll tell the “real story.”  I have no desire to listen to political agendas unless it helps me gain an understanding of where others are coming from on a personal level.  I can do that through a quick “look see” and get it done-and-over-with as I breeze through a downward scroll through the information found on the internet.  MSN is great for yielding snapshots.

And so… I’m here to listen.  I’m ready to listen to, read, or watch a story from your perspective.  I’d much rather hear your news than “the news.”


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