It is wonderful to have friends who keep your head on your shoulders and watch out for you.

I have been in a foul mood, full of learning and angst. I was able to contact several friends of mine who put me back on track.

One friend is wonderful as he listens to me babble for hours on end. He also tells me when I am coming across differently than intended.

I sometimes need someone to assist with checks and balances. My friends did that for me today.

The friend who I referred to earlier helped me reframe my way of thinking and my reactions to them.

That is what true friends are for. They give me checks and balances and are there for me even when they think I am full-of-it or that I am “off.” They are also not afraid to tell me how it is. In addition, they answer my questions even though I might not agree or like the answer. I really appreciate this.

What I would do without my friends, I do not know.


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