Two Way Friendships

Over the years, a fabulous friend of mine has emphasized the need of two-way friendships. He has also highlighted the importance of being surrounded by friends who support and interact with you intelligently and positively.

I’ve been so very appreciative of friendships I have gained over the years who are deeply supportive, share their intelligence and life experience, and are positive. I appreciate those who listen to me and allow me to listen to them. Within the friends I rely most on, and consider to be my most favorite friends, this connection might swing more to one side then back to the other, but in the end it always balances out and each of us knows we are there for them as best we know how.

We listen to each other, support each other, share ideas from two sides of the spectrum, direct and re-direct each other through life’s puzzles and quandaries… In other words, we’re there for each other. We might not have the same views, but we support each other and lead each other to discoveries by sharing our experiences obtained while perceiving our world through differing lenses and life paths.

I’ve been so very blessed to have been able to maintain friendships as one or the other moves or travels throughout the U.S. and beyond. Some of my friends I may never meet in person. Some I may never see in person again. However, I am determined to treasure and maintain our friendship no matter the obstacles.

Lately, I have been missing friends I can meet with in person. I am so very blessed. I have been able to make friends locally through individuals I have met through an improv class, several professional development courses, Olympia Friends Meeting, employees of many local businesses, and most recently with people who live within my current community. In addition, I’ve also been able to reunite with relatives and former friends.

One new friend has been just what I’ve needed to gain direction in my life that I’ve desperately been praying for. Several friends have come into my life as a direct answer to prayer.  My newest friend has responded and I’m so very grateful. Most recently he answered prayers when I was at a standstill. To top it off, today he shared with me part of his life story and gave me leads where I can apply lessons he’s learned in a way that I can grasp and apply to my life.  I hope that, through his sharing his life lessons with me, he has gained new insights, leads, and discoveries that he can apply to his life today.

It’s really interesting because one friend started the path to what I’ve been discovering, others have been adding on to my discovery process, and now my new friend has been highlighting and encouraging even more leads toward learning more about a spiritual and life journey I have been wondering about.

Friends are wonderful. They are vital. Because of our busy schedules, it is difficult to remember that we need to take initiative to reach out and connect with each other. We forget to make the effort to set a date and time to get together in one way or another. We forget the importance of maintaining friendships and gaining new ones.

I so deeply hope you will join along with my friends and I as we travel through a life-long, two-way relationship that nurtures both of us throughout this experience called life – no matter where life takes us geographically.

Let’s enjoy each other as friends, involving each other in two-way interactions full of positivity, encouragement, intellectual engagement, and the spice of life.


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