Since being consistently encouraged to exercise by many friends, I have slowly but surely increased exercise activity. It has been supremely rewarding.

I’ve often been overwhelmed by the idea. However, the idea of walking outside has become more and more inviting. In addition, I have become more and more consistent – and it’s been wonderful. I’ll need to invest in a rain jacket soon as the weather will eventually turn from sun to rain.

One day I walked for somewhere around 4-5 hours. I did the same this past Saturday. I walked for a total of four hours – including walking three hours straight minus somewhere around 20 minutes.

At the end of the walk, I wasn’t sure if I could take another step. I proudly persevered and won the battle. A lifetime of incredible stress has taken it’s toll, but I’m winning the battle toward health, wealth, and happiness. Absolutely wonderful.

Exercising despite all odds is extremely rewarding and fulfilling. I’m extremely grateful for my friends who have been encouraging me to engage in – and to continue – pursuits toward health, wealth, and happiness through walking and more.


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