Gratitude Rock

I’m sitting in a medical office and am glancing at a beautifully polished rock.

It immediately reminded me of the idea of the gratitude rock. It also reminded me of a woman I knew in my childhood who loved to polish rocks. She kept them all over – housed in glass bowls, inside special lamps, and wherever she could display them (in all kinds of random places) throughout her house and yard. As a young child, I found it fascinating.

The idea of the gratitude rock is also fun to consider. An idea that I’ve recently learned about is to choose a rock of your choice and to keep it in your pocket. At random times throughout the day – either intentionally or unintentionally – grasp onto it and think of something you are grateful for.

If you are like me, and forget that it is in your pocket, place your gratitude rock at a strategic location where you will run into it throughout random parts of the day. When you see it, grasp onto it and think of what you are grateful for.

Then, at the very end of the day, grasp onto your gratitude rock and think of/say what you are most grateful for that day.  This way you’ll think of all sorts of things you are grateful for and you have the opportunity to consider which is your favorite thing to be grateful for and why.

It is absolutely amazing what gratitude can do for your life. I totally recommend that you try the idea of the gratitude rock.


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