Personalized Scientific Experiments

I am often curious. My body often becomes my scientific experiment. Sometimes it’s good… Only one time has it been detrimental.

I used to think diets and allergies are ridiculous. I’m still not sure about the diets, but I’m sold on the food allergies.

This winter/spring I was told I was allergic to dairy and wheat. Another medical professional also suggested the possibility some time ago. I wasn’t ready the first time, but I devastatingly tried it the second.

I started with eliminating dairy. Sometimes I’d cheat. I always knew when I cheated. Thus my scientific experiment confirmed the theory. I was also able to confirm the theory related to wheat.

Wheat literally hurts like crazy. Dairy makes me look pregnant and creates a different form of digestive issues. It also appears that some sort of preservative or additive does all of the above. I find it all fascinating.

A couple of friends have noticed issues related to gluten as well. One lost a ton of weight. Another friend is able to stay awake and has been able to avoid other major symptoms (that I’ve never heard of before) since avoiding any form or source of gluten. She even gets a severe reaction from lipstick that has ingredients with gluten – even if someone kissed her and she didn’t apply it herself.

I would have thought this ridiculous, but a person cannot deny significant reactions – especially when monitored and evaluated as a scientific experiment.

Thus, if you have strange and awful symptoms, or if you just can’t lose weight, it’s worth a shot to see if the problem is related to a food allergy.

I’m amazed that food allergies aren’t imaginary. This can be confirmed through personalized scientific experiments as well as through testing through a medical provider. I encourage you to try it!


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