Wishes Granted

It’s wonderful when my prayers are answered just when I need them.  Just when a “down moment” comes my way, I am lifted up by a friend, ideas, or circumstances.  It is wonderful.

I needed see friends and “go home.”  I needed a hug, time to spend with friends, and an opportunity to rattle my mouth.  My prayers and wishes were granted.

Today I strongly wished for another hug and to visit with a particular friend.  I needed to spend time with someone who understood what I was learning at this particular time.  I needed encouragement.

Today, not only was I able to visit with someone who understood and encouraged me, but I was able to connect with two individuals who provided just what I was praying and wishing for.  I was even able to spend time with a particular friend who I strongly needed to connect with today.  My prayers and wishes were granted.  

It’s wonderful when good things come our way.  I am continually awe-struck when prayers and wishes are granted.  It’s inspiring and encouraging when the “down times” turn into “good times.”  It’s wonderful – and fun – to see the result of prayers and wishes being answered and granted.

Tonight, what I’m most grateful for (that happened today) is the ability to connect with two individuals – including one great, newfound friend – just when it was needed.


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