Suicide. Selfish?

There are different reasons for suicide. Is it selfish? Being short-sighted? Attention-seeking? Maybe. Likely not.

Sometimes enough is enough. Sometimes the torture just needs to be over. Sometimes it is more selfish to keep a life – or hold onto one – rather than to let the person go according to how fate reveals itself.

Pain is something that is just not understood until one experiences it. A glimpse can be made when one walks alongside – and spends quality time – with the individual who is suffering. Even then sometimes we can still be in empathetic or just not understand the full picture.

Is suicide selfish? Not necessarily. Sometimes enough is enough. I encourage you to spend as much time as possible with – and truly listen to – and truly empathize with – the person in pain: psychological, physical, whatever…

In the meantime, I encourage you to subject yourself to intense pain in whatever fashion – sit-ups, pull-ups, putting your hand in ice water… Until you can’t stand it any more and realize that is a glimpse into the intensity of pain some people experience – only there is no way to make it stop.

If you were in that kind of pain, would you think it’s selfish when enough is enough? It’s not at all about selfishness. The stories and feelings go way beyond that.

In the meantime, it’s so important to do whatever is possible – in a healthy way – to help the person who is struggling keep on going.


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