Negativity Turned Positive

Negativity is an interesting conundrum. It’s sometimes hard to recognize or realize negativity in myself, but it’s super easy to recognize it in others. It’s sometimes easy for me to recognize that I am feeling negative in yet it’s often difficult to realize I’m verbalizing it.

This past year has been extremely difficult. I’ve worked super hard to stay positive, but at times negativity won over. Many times I felt overwhelmed with negativity, but didn’t know I was communicating it in the way I was. I thought I was hiding it well.

Being aware of feeling and communicating negativity is a gift. It takes practice and a persistent focus on positivity – in thought, environment, activities, and friendships.

I find I need someone in my life to provide balance, a reality check, and support.

We need each other in the quest toward positivity. We need to apply hard work in the quest to focus on and stay positive.

Thank you for walking along side me in this journey called life as I work hard towards leaving negativity behind and strive “with all I’ve got” towards positivity. Thank you for sharing with me that I haven’t been negative, rather I’m processing and healing from life experiences. You are wonderful.


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