“I Want To Love And Be Loved”

I just ran into this quote on Facebook – love that site where we can stay connected by friends, learn fun tidbits, and see inspirational quotes.  The quote said “I want to love and be loved.”

It is interesting that I should run upon this quote as it’s been on my mind lately.  We need each other.  We need love, joy, and happiness by being together, reaching out to each other in love and acceptance – in community, family, individually, and globally.  

I ran into a family from my past.  It was wonderful to see them.  The couple and their kids are gorgeous.  There was a woman who was with them who was cold and distant.  It set me back and made me feel incredibly nervous.  My first reaction was to assume that she’s from the old school who believe in shunning.  It could be that she’s just naturally shy and distant, I do not know.  Some people believe that shunning is showing what it means to “love and be loved.”  Unfortunately it works opposite of this.  It creates fear, tension, isolation, loneliness.  It feels cruel and full of hate.  It fosters all sorts of physical and mental illness by people who experience the shunning – and sometimes even for the individuals who engage in that sort of behavior.  It’s crazy.  I’m really grateful for the display of love and kindness that the family from my past showed.  It was wonderful.  

I often wonder, what does it mean to love and feel loved?  What are the ingredients?  How does it feel?  I know it internally, but I don’t know how to articulate it.  There are so many facets to love – love in action, love in feeling, love in emotions…  There are so many people you need in your life to love and be loved – community, strangers, friends, acquaintances, family – immediate and extended…  

It seems to me that all humans and many animals and creatures all want to “love and be loved.”  What does it mean to you to “love and be loved”?  What makes you feel loved?  What do you do to show your love?  


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