It Takes Money

As I type out this post, I’m sitting here waiting for an interview to begin.  The company is with a non-profit that works to assist the homeless to get back on their feet.  The first thing that comes to mind is that it takes money to make money. The simplest things seem impossible to resolve when you just don’t have the money.

When we give canned foods to the food bank, is this really helpful to the severely down-and-out?? The person on the street can’t heat anything up unless they have a camp stove with necessary equipment – highly unlikely. Even that would take a considerable amount of money. A person with their utilities shut off can’t refrigerate or cook food. If they can use them, they can only hope to have all the ingredients needed to make something that tastes decent. Then, you have to have the mental and physical wherewithal to be able to go through the process of making, eating, and cleaning up in the effort to eat.

If you want to go to the grocery store instead of the corner market, this might take gas which is another hit-and-miss commodity. Then, to go to a store with significant discounts… that, too, takes gas – which takes money.

If you do have a bus pass, that might make life somewhat easier. Yet, the time it takes to get from place to place is often significantly longer than it would be to drive. This means a limit to the job availability, family time, sleep, and more. The best option is to have access to both a vehicle and public transportation options.

This means a car is a necessity which means a running car and/or a car with payments, car insurance, maintenance costs, gas, etc. The cars which are $5000 or less often require high maintenance costs whereas if you have a new car, the maintenance is often under warrantee and the maintenance costs are much less expensive.  When buying a used car, it might even require having to purchase yet another car just when you have absolutely no money to do so.  

When you look at the cash you have on hand, you have to choose: $50 to get ingredients for cooking a dish or two (assuming you have no staples) that might turn bad or $10 on food right now (as you’re starving) which will allow money left over for gas, something to drink, and a minor or urgent matter until the next minute amount of funds become available.  This wreaks havoc long-term, but satisfies the hunger pains short term.

Then, when the worst straights strike, you get stuck in a living situation you can’t get out of. You have no funds to move, your credit is either not there or looks bad, you don’t have any references, and/or your job isn’t stable enough for the landlord to approve your application.

Those are one some reasons how and why it takes money to make money.


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