I’m a Leader

My most recent “ah hah” moment is the realization that I am truly a leader.  I knew this, but then I wasn’t entirely sure.  I knew my strengths, but didn’t – and still don’t – know how to make these shine.  

I am a collaborator, speaker, teacher, mentor, cheerleader, motivator.  I am someone who inspires people and assists them toward their goals in whatever way is important to them.  I can come across firm and harsh, yet am more compassionate than most anyone prefers to be.  I believe in doing the right thing.  I believe in action.  I believe in being and making a difference.  

Some people are excellent at being a ditch digger – or a floor nurse.  They are excellent at literally getting their hands dirty.  They get in there and get things done no matter the external circumstances from the ground level.  They inspire others and are a leader from the perspective of what it is like on the ground floor.  

I am more of a person who is willing to chip in from time to time, but I am better if I can help, listen, assess, leave the situation, and collaborate with others – and help inspire them – to get things done where everyone everywhere is happy with the outcome.  Come to think of it, I’ve always been this way.  It only takes me a very short while on the ground floor to “get the jist,” then I’m ready for the next step to “make things happen.”  

It seems to me that listening, observing, inspiration, and collaboration toward action are my strongest suits.  These skills come in quite handy in my leadership activities.  I need to find a way to be employed in a fashion that utilizes these skills, hones them, and makes me stronger, more effective, and increases my potential in all aspects possible.  

I am just not a floor nurse.  Never have, never will.  I am not a clinic nurse.  Never have, never will.  However, I am a listener, a motivator, a collaborator, a person to inspire someone and an organization to reach their goal and potential.  I strive to make good things happen where all involved are happy with the outcome.

In this way, I’m a leader.  May I continue to improve my leadership skills and abilities to make things happen toward positive end goals.  


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