Secret Shopper

Wouldn’t it be fun to be a secret shopper of different places to work?? 

Because of my vast experiences of a wide range of employment and interviewee opportunities, it would be absolutely fun to assess what a workplace might be like and discover what it truly is like.  I’ve been able to do that from an unofficial stance.  With all my crazy experiences, I realize I am getting better and better.  I still miss things, but I’m getting better at workplace assessment.  I am finding it to be quite fun and extremely fascinating.  There is so much a person can learn through employment and interview opportunities.  

It’s much easier to assess a workplace in person than it is by phone.  It is also much easier to understand what you’re getting into by close observation as well as knowledge gained through personal experiences and that of others. RN assessment skills come in quite handy as well.  

One place I interviewed for and obtained a basic introduction of is highly fascinating.  The leadership will not look employees – or perspective employees – in the eye.  Employees are extremely distant from each other and with potential staff.  There is a wide gap of empty space between everyone at all times.  The HR manager was distantly kind but had a most awful sneer on her face and became quite frigidly cold when it was time to leave – again with no eye contact.  The training repeatedly told people to tattle on each other, specified it was not tattling, emphasized the utilization of common sense, explained that you are just as responsible as the perpetrator for an action not reported, explained that you could be let go for any reason, and re-emphasized over and over that you will not be reprimanded at any time for tattling – and that is not to be referred to as tattling.  We were talking instead of listening to a CD.  The HR person giving the training was in another room.  At one point she came in, took out the CD, and quickly changed the topic to redirect us.  Based on the nature and subject of our conversation, and how the whole thing was enacted, I have little doubt that she was listening in and/or watching us in a different room.  Policies are given to employees.  However, a “huge binder” of policies are kept in the manager’s office to be reviewed at will.  However, all policies must be adhered to.

I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as common sense.  I am also a firm believer that accountability must be taken for one’s actions.  However, there are also grey areas, areas that need further assessment, assessment that might take time to process, and some areas that may be perceived one way and another person will perceive that same scenario or experience in a whole different way.  If someone breaks “the rules,” then oftentimes training wasn’t done correctly.  People learn in different ways.  Some learn verbally, others in writing, and others by experience – of others or by themselves.  Teaching must be given in all ways and with proper explanation before we can expect them to adhere to them.  If a person is known to learn best in one method of learning, then it is up to the person giving the initial training to teach in the method that person knows best.  Otherwise, it’s a totally unfair game.

The value of proper training, coaching, and mentoring is highly noticed in behaviors by children.  Children do much better in life if they are taught before disciplined, guided after being taught and before being disciplined, and disciplined only when in danger or if purposefully done after proper guidance and teaching were enacted.  These children are most “together,” go further in their careers, and just do – and feel – best in every way possible.  Those who are disciplined “willy nilly” or before teaching and guidance were given, or were excessively and/or frequently disciplined develop all sorts of behavioral and/or mental disorders.  Is it any different in the workplace??  

Very few people lie well.  Very few people can hide what is truly going on for an indefinite amount of time. People become victims when assessment, training, understanding how, and acting appropriately in how to properly deal with the situation isn’t known about or done correctly.  I prefer things to stop at the assessment stage.  However, some people need to experience something before they feel they have adequate proof.  I don’t want to experience the proof, so I prefer the assessment piece.  In the past, because I didn’t assess the situation adequately, and did not have the proper training and understanding as to how to deal with the situation, I got “bit” and was the “victim.”  I do not want this to happen again.  Thus, I gain valuable information at the earliest stage possible – the best way to do this is through assessment from the very first contact made with or through the organization.  

Thus, I would love to be a “secret shopper” of workplace settings.  It would be an absolutely fun scientific, sociological, anthropological, and philosophical experience.  Maybe that could be my next job??  


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