Making A Difference

It’s fabulously wonderful to make a difference when your own life is ?up in the air?.  

I’m astounded at just how much I have been able to make a difference albeit my own life has been frustratingly precarious.  I have always been determined to stay firm in my belief that my life isn’t about me.  What I experience from life must be utilized for the benefit of others.  Otherwise, what good does it all yield?  

When I look at past work environments – especially when working as an office assistant – it was commonly believed that information as to how to do a task was somehow a valuable secret that they wanted to keep to themselves.  There was also – and still is wherever I go – highly believed that common sense is known and must be adhered to at all times.  

If we live our lives to ourselves, we cannot see people – and events, organizations, families, and more – thrive and prosper.  If we live our lives as though everyone knows what we know, we do not broaden our horizons and are thus less effective in meeting the needs of others – and end goals.  

Some people just don’t care about others.  Some people are incapable of caring about others or seeing things from another’s perspective.  Some people are incapable of sympathy or empathy.  However, I am just not that way.  Perhaps it’s from the upbringing I experienced as a child through the church I was raised, perhaps it is from the example of my mother.  Or maybe it is from my own personal resolve that life is not lived for me alone, but for the benefit of others.

Is this a coping mechanism?  Yes.  Is it something more?  Yes.  

What is your life goal?  Are you interested in making a difference?  Do you wish to obtain empathy, sympathy, and understanding of and for others? Do you want to make your life more interesting with increased worth?  I do – and I have.  I totally recommend it.  


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