God is so good, so very, very good.

I’ve been going through hell for a very, very long time, but as you might know, hell intensified to an all-time high mid February reducing to a boiling simmer as of last Friday – or so I pray.

I keep on repeating the verse from the King James Version “Vengeance is Mine.  I will repay.”  It’s a promise.  God is watching out for me – always has, always will.

I think this job opportunity is probably the best working opportunity I could be given, but Friendsview and Eagle Applied Sciences were wonderful – not to mention my stints working for GFU as a student.  The only thing is that those opportunities happened during hellish times, so it was easy to forget just how good I had it being employed through them.  I now anticipate my life to be a garden of roses from here on out, so it’ll be much easier to savor an excellent work environment.

The attempt to sabotage wonderfulness is still happening.  However, goodness is much brighter and wins in the long run – either in this life or the next — and I’m hoping and praying that it will be this lifetime as of Monday of this week.

These past three months have been absolutely amazing.  I do not know of one prayer that has not been answered.  However, this job strongly appears to be the epidemy of prayers answered starting way back in high school.  It’ll be wonderfully fun and absolutely fantastic to see what happens.

I’ve been on an high since ?Monday?  You’d think I was high on illicit drugs or on a bipolar high.  I’m not.  I’m just incredibly high on gratitude, thankfulness, wonder, and the feeling of being loved and watched out for.

God is so very, very good.  I’m so very, very grateful.


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