Never, Ever Give Up

There have been many, many challenges in my life. I have been determined to never, ever give up.

It strongly appears that my wishes are being granted. One step forward, 10 steps back. Up the cliff and sliding, tumbling, and falling down hard. However, I am determined to believe that I am almost there.

I am hoping beyond hope that this is the last of my frightful journey.

I have found my voice to stick up for myself. I have learned to be kind yet firm during times of opposition. I have learned to not cower, be afraid, be a doormat, nor buckle down. I have always been resilient, but I haven’t known how to stick up for myself.

I had given up totally on my relationship with family and continued to be discouraged about my magnet towards abuse at work, random people, and more. However, once I surrendered, good things happened – and are happening.

My dad has helped me out tremendously lately. That is a huge accomplishment on both our parts. An accomplishment of forgiveness, acceptance, encouragement, overcoming the past and starting anew.

I am even able to be around his wife and my sister’s husband and be able to hold a decent conversation. This is huge because we are on opposite spectrums from each other.

My sister has even called me on the phone once and I barely beat her another time.

God is so good. So very, very good.

Through all these chaotic, dark, evil-inflicted times, I have been surrounded by love and goodness wherever I needed it, however I needed it.

I am so blessed. So very, very blessed.

And so, I deeply encourage you to never, ever give up.

Do what you need to do to persevere no matter the intense obstacles.

You can be surrounded by love and goodness some way, some how if you ask for it from the right people. And, if you’re so inclined, all the goodness from God, the Universe, and all those related.

Please be inspired with me to never, ever give up.


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