Community of DuPont – Thank You

It’s been absolutely wonderful to be surrounded by such love and kindness all throughout the DuPont community.

My apartment in the Trax Apartments has been heavenly along with Melanie and Mary in management. Each one of the maintenance guys have been fabulous as well. Mary sold the apartment to me and I will always be grateful. When I was completely stressed out, I complained about the hallways needing to be vacuumed. When I returned, they looked fabulous. They didn’t even mind.

I cannot say more about all the love and kindness oozing from Farrelli’s. Alex, Wade, and Spencer have been kind from day one – not minding at all that – for months – I would get them confused. Everyone I came to know and love would stop when they had a chance to give me a much-needed hug.

ACU is just wonderful. From the very first day I stepped foot through their doors, Rex gave a very kind, warm welcome that sold me to that particular bank. Alexis and Trevor, too, have been warm, kind, and welcoming from the very first day I met them to the very end of my living in this community.

Those at the General Store are no exception for warm hugs, a greeting that carried across the street and down a ways, and always – without fail – a warm and kind welcome.

I can’t say enough about the DuPont Pharmacy. An MD friend of mine is a long-time customer who goes out of his way to stay a customer. I have plans to do the same.

If ever you want super soft dry-cleaning that is Eco friendly, a wonderful library, and a fabulous post office, where the employees are wonderful in each location, I highly encourage you to find a reason to frequent those places.

Forza’s coffee shop has also been a haven that I’ve enjoyed frequenting here and there. When I’m not there, I’m enjoying their coffee at home.

DuPont Nails has been wonderful as well as my hairstylist friend at Christian Dior.

I’ve only been a couple of times, but there is a place that serves absolutely delicious mini chicken legs, small pizzas, and more. Their food is absolutely delicious.

McNamera’s food is perfect if you are starving and want to feel full. Bangers and Mash is a favorite of mine.

iSushi has better sushi than the 100yen or Pink Sushi of Misawa, Japan – which is hard for me to fathom.

The Thai and Mexican restaurants also serve wonderful food and the staff are fabulous as well.

I am going to miss DuPont. I’m going to miss the community, the people, the services, and – most of all – the hugs, kindness, prayers, and compassion of all those I mentioned and more. They have all been putting up with me through a hellishly dark time.

Thank you, DuPont. Thank you to each of you who have been so very, very kind and wonderful.


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