Communication. Non-communication. Survival of the Fittest

Over the years I have learned the crucial importance of utilizing communication skills and what happens when there are non-communication skills being utilized.

Communication – verbal, nonverbal, and written – can be detrimental or can land huge success.  Many of these skills are learned over the lifespan.

Some people are blessed with the ability to discover tips, traits, and characteristics that aid toward obtaining skills that are essential for survival in obtaining friends, making a good impression for acquaintances and strangers alike, and progressively reaching toward career success.

Communication and non-communication takes skill and know-how.

People can effectively and thoroughly slander, sabotage, encourage, and promote through the use of communication, miscommunication, and non-communication tools.

Improper communication can be extremely devastating and proper communication can be extremely helpful and useful.

I’ve watched and learned as individuals became successful and non-successful through communication tools used within academic, religious, community, and workplace settings.  It’s fascinating and amazing.

There are topics that are sometimes raised that are taboo, uncomfortable, and seemingly “common knowledge.” Improper communication techniques used in these scenarios can have negative- and sometimes devastating -results.

There are subtle tactics that are used when an individual says or does something that another dislikes, feels uncomfortable with, or downright disdains. Sometimes the reaction – and ensuing usage of communication skills – are blatant. However, it is becoming more and more common for the person yielding tactics of communication to use extremely subtle or non-communicative tactics that ends in shunning and/or disownment.

It has been fascinating that in every sector that utilized communication skills, shunning can take place. That, and total silence – cutting someone off where the recipient has no clue why. It doesn’t even matter what venue or method this could happen in.

The irony with the lack of appropriate communication is that nothing gets solved. Sometimes this is done intentionally, sometimes not. Some people really do want to see the demise of another individual either for selfish reasons or to prove a point.

Othertimes, the person utilizing non-helpful communication strategies – including totally cutting someone off without explanation, feels uncomfortable so they totally avoid the subject, chance of dialogue, and/or potential of confrontation.

It’s really unfortunate when people get sabotaged in this way – directly, indirectly, intentionally or non-intentionally. Sometimes the recipient of improper, no communication, and/or disownment gets “stuck;” “falls behind”; gets sick to the point of a long, slow dying process; literally gets killed; or even commits suicide.

The irony of the situation is that the true victim gets blamed and the individual who intentionally or unintentionally sabotaged the person feels justified, continues on in life without the full benefit of what follows from the use of excellent communication strategies. In addition, sometimes the group or individual from a group says, “See??….”

I absolutely love it when communication skills are utilized where all benefit and all individuals involved learn, grow, and reach to new heights together directly and indirectly. When this happens, all benefit – individuals, organizations, corporations, communities, families, and more – directly and indirectly.

Profound results following the usage of communication, miscommunication, and non-communication strategies can sometimes be seen immediately. Other times it takes years to see the results.

Let’s learn, grow, and reach new heights together as we utilize excellent communication strategies that benefit all those involved – and possibly even those who learn from the interaction(s) after the event has occurred. “United we stand.”


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