Ready. Set. Wait. Go. Not Yet. NOW!

I say I’m ready, yet I’m scared I’m not.  I want to be a voice, to stand up, then I retreat in fear.  I’m ready.  Then, I’m not.

It’s scary to get up and say “Yes.”  It’s scary to stand up and say, “I am.”  It’s scary to stand up for truth, to BE truth.  to LIVE truth.

Yes, I have been victimized.  But, I am standing.  I am standing strong.  I’m scared.  I’m terrified.  I’m afraid.  But, I am determined to stand.

And so, I am here.  Standing.  Being a voice.  A voice for the voiceless and a voice for those who, too, are standing.

Let’s go.  Let’s stand.  Let’s unite.  Let’s be.  Let’s live.  Let’s act.  Let’s love and be loved.


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