We’re Killing Each Other

We, as humans, are slaughtering each other.

We are killing each other by how we treat each other verbally and nonverbally.  Those of us who are “the other,” “different,” act as voices that everyone want silenced, and those of us who have a different skin tone or physical feature than is deemed acceptable are stomped on in one way or another.

Back stabbing, lies, deceit, set-ups, frauds… Name calling, belittling, sabotaging… we kill each other literally slowly but surely through stressing each other out by our words and actions.

We also kill ourselves by how we process our foods, how we take care of our earth.  There used to be so many, many more birds that flew during migration just 20 years ago.  Now there are hardly any in comparison to what I used to see.  We have food allergies that were never seen before and diseases at rates that were previously unheard of.

Time hasn’t changed our behaviors, but our behaviors are killing our world and each other – at an extremely high rate.  I used to think it was all nonsense.  Then, I opened my eyes and saw.  I realized, the “voices crying in the wilderness” were speaking truth.

The types of killings have changed from swords and guns, fists and words to behaviors aimed to debilitate and destroy leaving mayhem in the wake of the victim.

PTSD is a living hell.  We are yielding it on each other via so many different fashions – intentionally.  Our earth is yielding fruit that is unpalatable in comparison to what it once was and are killing us via all sorts of nonsense.  It’s a slow process so it goes undetected.  In yet, it is real.

I’m really grateful we are “wisening up.”  I just hope it’s not too late.  But, if it is too late, I hope we all die quickly and not through a torturous hell.

I’ve seen enough torturously hellish deaths.  A massive one would not be fun to watch.

In the meantime, please love each other.  Please, let’s stop playing demented mind games and stop acting in ridiculous behaviors as though we were toddlers and very young children in adult bodies.

Please love and be loved.  Please live and let live.  Unite with each other.  See the beauty within each other.  Let’s hold hands and unite with “the other.”  Let’s feed and clothe “the other.”  We’ll always have differences, be different in some capacity or another.  We all fail, we all make mistakes.  Let’s make the mistakes matter productively and proactively and not destructively.


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