Lost Brain

Two people have recently shared their fear of losing memory cells due to age.  I completely understand their fear.  The impact of losing one’s mind is incredible.  But why do we lose it?

Here are some of the reasons I have come up with:

– Not having your deepest need(s) met.

– Brain chemistry.  This is the quickest, easiest, most highly defined reason for loss of brain function.  However, it is frequently a copout of many underlying reasons that takes time, knowledge, know-how and money to figure out.

– Trauma.  Resurfacing or surfacing of shitty life experiences can create mayhem in the ability to focus and remember.

– Being treated like shit.  If we are being treated poorly by coworkers, supervisors, management, church, friends, family… we will often have difficulties with proper brain function in one way or another that only get worse over time.

– Internalizing other people’s diagnosis, labels, assessments, actions, words, ideas that you’re losing your mind.

– Lack of proper sleep.  Lack of sleep due to sleep apnea, pain, fear, noise… can truly mess with your mind.

– Chemicals in our food, how our foods are processed, and whatever is being done in the fields and to the seeds in the growing process are killing our bodies and are permanently affecting our DNA – even for future generations.  I swear that how we process our food is creating mayhem in our bodies creating a cascade effect that is affecting our ability for our brains to function.  Not only do I know that from the literature I’ve read, from what people share, lectures I’ve attended, jobs I’ve had, but also from a personal experiment I did many years ago.  Organic foods are a good starting point, but we have a long way to go still because there are still many, many dangerous chemicals being used in the growing process even with foods that are labeled organic.  Now that it’s a money-making scheme, things are only going to be getting more hazy and crazy.  I’m hoping and praying that good will win.  But “good” takes money and – for the majority of the time – the dollar speaks louder than goodness.

– The combinations of foods we eat, when we eat, and how much we eat them.  I’m looking forward to trying the idea of balancing how often I eat a particular type of food, trying the “cleanses,” and more therapeutic brain enhancing formulas that are related to the how, what, when, why, where… of what I eat.  I recently accidentally ran into The Northwest Naturopathic Clinic’s website and I’m now curious about taking their classes.  Juicing and fasting is something that I’ve heard about for many years, I’ve been very slow to try, but am now ready to try.  I would not at all be surprised if it made a huge impact on the ability to improve brain and body health function.  The way we eat is more of a problem than what we eat.  What is in the processing of the food is more of a problem than what we eat.  A cookie, fries, or a steak are just as fine as a salad.  It’s just a matter of how often, how much, and what all is involved in the process of growing and consuming that product that makes a difference.  I’m also looking forward to meeting with nutritionists and seeing what compounding pharmacies can do such as Randy’s Compounding Pharmacy & Nutrition Center.

– Body health.  Bacterial infections, fungal infections, poor cellular health, poor organ health function… will all affect brain function.  Thus, the foods we eat are even more helpful and beneficial than I have ever considered before.

– Stress.  Stress is another huge influence towards brain function.  It doesn’t matter what type, form, source, or reason for stress.  Stress can hinder and/or stop brain power.

– Fear.  Fear of losing our mind will also hinder brain power.

– Information overload.  Just like a computer can get overloaded by too much input, and a sink – and land – can overflow from too much water, and fire can erupt from too much electrical power, so can our brains.  We can think too hard, be too focused, be too determined, become overwhelmed and overloaded.  These will all create brain malfunction and will negatively impact memory.

– Isolation.  Not feeling loved, not feeling heard, not feeling validated.  Feeling alone.  Being alone too much, too often.  Aloneness – literally or no – can kill.  All of these areas towards isolation and feeling isolated can create memory loss and lack of proper brain function.

Okay… so what are the solutions??  I’ve written another blog entry, entitled “Mental Health Solutions,” that shares some ideas as to how to gain, re-gain, improve, maintain sanity…


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