Philosophical Whys

Over these past few months after working in short stints in two different mental health institutions, and while experiencing and reflecting on my own life that involves periods, events, and escapades of sheer hell, I’ve been asking a ton of why questions.  A whole ton of why.

Why are we born into the life, body, family, location in the world, the particular city, education, belief system we have?  Why are we born to experience what we have and are?  Why do some “have” and some not?  Why do we treat each other the way we do?  Has it ever been different?  Why are we killing each other in every way possible – literally and figuratively – from the way we raise our crops to the way we do business to the way we perceive – then treat – each other?  Are all these things chosen or is it all random?  Did God create it into existence, did we imagine it, or was it just something that randomly happen?  Is life and our experienced predestined or random?  Do we make things happen or do they happen from things, events, etc. outside us?

It’s so easy to put blame.  We blame God.  We blame each other.  We blame ourselves.  We blame “the other.”  Is blame justified?  How can blame be overcome?

Where do we get our philosophical, religious ideas?  Who is right?  Which one is right?  Why?  Where did they come from, originate?  Why are they still “alive”?  Have they morphed and changed?  If so, why and how?

Are we star dust?  Are we reincarnated?  Are we here for a purpose?  What is the reason we are here?

Where do we get our ideas as to life, the meaning of life, how we interact with each other and the world?

Why are some people just pure mean, others a mixture, and yet some others sheer angelic in nature?

Why are we so tied to the dollar?  We hate each other because someone has, did have, will have, or has taken in the effort to have.  Why?  Does it matter?  How can this be overcome?

What does it mean to love each other?  What does it look like?

Is there such a divide between male and female, ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds, viewpoints?  Yes.  Definitely.  Why?  Why do we limit friendships and dialogue?

Why are we so afraid?  How can we stop being so afraid?  Fear is so limiting, so disempowering.  So dividing.  Yet we mess with levels of fear in order to intentionally create chaos, bring attention to a matter, or bring about change.  FOX News has much to own up to for capitalizing on the concept of fear.  FOX News has changed – and is changing – our whole country, belief systems, way of thinking (and/or lack of thinking), perceptions, how we act and what we act on, and more.  It’s fascinating to watch things unfold.

Why are people born grotesquely disfigured, crippled?  It’s cruel.  They’re automatically born into a life of being ridiculed, treated poorly, having fewer advantages in life.  Why are people born into lives that immediately trap them and prevent them from experiencing progress?  Systems I understand, but there are people involved.  Why are those particular people seemingly born into that experience?

Are we all insane?  Do some just hide insanity better than others?  Are most of us struggling with some aspect of insantiy while a few have been blessed with full sanity?  Why do so many struggle with depression and anxiety?  It’s a rate of 1 in every 4 Americans who struggle with anxiety alone – half of those also struggle with depression.  Either one of those can be completely disabling, life-killing, family-killing, and a detriment to our society as a whole in micro- and macro- levels.  1:4 is a number recognizing those who are diagnosed with the “disorder.”  There are others on a subscale that don’t require meds or significant treatment or are somehow missed from accurately being diagnosed and/or treated.  Depression and anxiety can create insanity, but there are others who are insane in different levels.  Some of the insane are treated, some aren’t.  Why do we ignore treatment, the cause of the problem, prevent ourselves and others from getting treatment, wait until it’s too late or close to being too late, and more?  Then, we point fingers at the insane, laugh at them, ridicule them, shun them, put them into closets of rooms in crazy-making institutions filled with other crazy people who still aren’t getting the proper treatment that is needed to gain at least a minute amount of sanity.  Why so many excuses?  Finger-pointing? Name-calling? Blaming?  By ourselves to ourselves independently as well as to and by others on a personal and societal level?  In other words… why is so many things being done, covered up, and dismissed with the end result of so much good being stopped and prevented on so many different levels?  The human cost factor of untreated mental illness, insanity, and lack of mental health (each are independent of each other yet intertwined and all slapped with the label of “mental illness”) is huge.  There is an incredible cost on many detrimental levels to our own lives, our family life, our places of employment which all bleeds into the health and well-being of our local community, society, state, and country.  In yet, we turn our heads, give excuses, label, become afraid, dismiss the problems and root causes of the problem…  Why?

Why do we who have want to save the lives or see things continue as they are for those who are experiencing – or will experience – a life of horror?  There is a time to live and a time to die.  Sometimes enough is enough.  Yet, we continue the torture and are horrified once the torture is no longer or is prevented.  Abortion and suicide are two concepts that we just don’t get.  We choose not to get because we don’t want to fathom pain.  But in not fathoming pain, in not understanding it, we create it.  Hordes of it.  Horrific amounts of it. We go on our merry lives in joy and normalcy while those we have made to live live in sheer agonizing hell.  I do not advocate abortion nor suicide.  But, let’s take a step back and ask ourselves why – a whole ton of why.  Why do people do it?  What happens if we stop it?  What happens if we prevent it?  What happens if we solve the root cause of the problem?  What is the root cause of the problem?  In other words, Why?  What happens if, when…?

Why don’t we do more to prevent homelessness?  Why do we perceive some as deserving of badness?  Why do we allow the negative people to win?  Why do we not treat the underlying causes and symptoms?  Why do we make excuses and utilize blaming instead of looking at facts and solving the problem?  Why do we just look away or put 1/2-ass efforts into fixing the problem?

Why do some have the tools, the knowledge, the know-how while others don’t?  Why do some choose not to?  Why do some search and search and never find what they are looking for?  Why do some just not know or understand?  Why do some not care?  Is it good to not care?  Does it matter?

Why are so many stopped from doing good – literally or figuratively – in one fashion or another?

Is there a God, gods?  Is there more to the Christian God, the Christian Jesus, the Christian religion/philosophy/viewpoint?  How about all the other religions?  If there is more to the standard religions, what does it look like?  What is energy?  What does it mean?  What are ghosts?  What does it mean?  What are spirit-guides?  What does this mean?  What does the Universe mean literally and figuratively – scientifically and spiritually?  Are they intertwined?  Are all religions correct with bits and pieces of correctness of which some portions interlap?  What if there is really no one God or gods?  What if religion and all that we have defined within that religion and religion as a whole are all partially correct, are analogies to something that we’re missing, are a starting point??  Does it matter?

Why MUST we believe in God, the presence of a God?

Why do we have an egocentric view of ourselves?  Why do we matter individually and collectively?  Why do we have to be in human form?  Why do we think of ourselves the way we do?  Why do we perceive ourselves the way we do both literally as well as philosophically?  Why do we see ourselves the way we do through our eyes, our souls, our beings, our bodies?  Why do we see ourselves as a whole different age with a whole different physical look even when we’re 80 years old and in a wheelchair or using a walker?

Why do we see ourselves and think of ourselves, immersed in our own lives as we are sitting in the same room with someone who is hungry, alone, homeless at the seat next to us?  Why do we feel our own pain in yet not the pain of another?  Will we become overloaded if we experience more than what we ourselves experience?  Or are we just afraid we will become overwhelmed, on overload?

Where are all the birds?  The wildlife?  The trees – tall trees at that?  The beautiful, clear, blue water?  Healthy grass and food?

What is our role in being and making a difference?  What is our responsibility?  What isn’t?  It’s so easy to be overwhelmed with “the problem of evil” and “the problem of pain” in our world.  Why is so much good being stopped and prevented?

Should I ask myself those questions?  What is the point of asking those questions?  Each one of these questions can drive a person literally insane or to become immobilized in one fashion or another so why do I try to ask them?

These questions are important to ask in the effort to solve my current life problem.  Why am I here?  What is my purpose in life?  Why me – or does it matter?  What can I do?  How can I do it?  Should I?  Does it matter?  Do I matter?  With all that in mind, what am I going to do about it.  Is it possible to get stuck?  Am I stuck?  If so, can I get unstuck?

As I’ve written those questions, I realize I have come up with answers to most of them – some still in the process of being developed.  Even though the questions and what is involved in answering those questions make my head swim and yields an incredibly overwhelmed feeling, I’m really glad to be asking those questions.  It makes me extremely grateful for Phil Smith and Mark McCleod-Harrison’s philosophy courses I’ve taken.  It makes me grateful for my life experiences because they have aided me in the ability to think to ask the questions and has provided the possibility to attempt to answer them.

I am determined to believe that there is a reason for everything.  Either made-up or otherwise.  There is a purpose – random or made to happen – for everything.  But, we have to want to make the reason and purpose manifest itself in its highest potential.  If we don’t want to, if we don’t want it, then it won’t and there most likely won’t.  It won’t happen, it won’t be.  It was never there, will never be there.  There is no reason nor will there be a reason.  Unless we want it, make it be there, and/or desire it to manifest itself/be manifest/become manifest.  This belief of mine gives me a reason for the mayhem of my life, a reason to keep going, and a reason to believe that things will get better.  Everything.  Absolutely everything.  Is a matter of perspective.

This world is fucked up.  But it’s beautiful.  We’re all fucked up, but we’re beautiful.  Each and every one of us are loved – the beautiful, bad, ugly, and wonderful – or so I am determined to believe.

Why?  I don’t know.  But, it’s good to try to figure out.  It’s good to think about.  The why’s just might provide answers, meaning, solutions, discoveries.  The why’s just might turn the ugly into the beautiful, bring good from bad.  Asking the why’s might just stop bad from continuing or unfolding and turn the bad into good.

That, is why we must ask why.  To find, discover, capitalize, reveal, create, and share the good.   The good within us and without us.  The good surrounding us and upholding us.  The good that creates a meaning of life and the reason to keep going. We don’t realize nor understand unless we ask why.  We don’t appreciate until we look around and ask ourselves the why questions.

Goodness is a blessing.  It blesses us.  I want to be blessed, to be a blessing.  This can only happen through goodness.  Thus, I ask why.  Asking why is a blessing and a curse.  There is a lot of responsibility that goes along with knowledge and understanding.  There are a lot of unknowns.  Asking why questions and the answers that unfold can “rock our world” and has been known to drive a person insane.  Thus, we become afraid to ask the why questions.  However, if we don’t ask, we just might kill ourselves, stop or prevent potential, seriously harm someone or groups of people, and more.

I encourage you, implore you — ask the why questions.  Maybe you’ll unlock a mystery for yourself – and better yet, for another — maybe even for the world itself.


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