I am a straight-shooter.  I have also been private as to what I truly believe, who I truly am – until now.  This blog portrays what I am thinking, feeling, perceiving.  As a result, it may be offensive to some.  It will take an open mind to read what I have to say in this blog.

Through this blog, I will challenge, question, wonder, reflect on what is norm, what is truth, what is right, what is wrong, and what I am thinking and feeling at the moment.

According to the urban dictionary, the definition of karpalism is “the spirit of courage to speak and fight for the underdogs.”   Merriam-Webster online states that karpalism is the “courage to fight for justice.”  Through this blog, I will do both.

Thank you for walking alongside me as I ponder what I see, think, feel, perceive, and how I act.


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